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The incomprehensible world of Final Fantasy XV is coming to a sad, sorry end. Square Enix hyped and hosted a special event to…. announce the cancellation of any further development on Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.

Luminous Productions, the arm of Square Enix that worked on FFXV, has now moved onto another large-scale project. Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has resigned and left Square Enix, while development of three of the four announced upcoming FF15 expansions has been cancelled.

“In regards to my next endeavours and near future, I have a project that I truly wish to solidify as my next challenge after Final Fantasy 15,” said Tabata on the livestream. “As production of Episode Ardyn continues and Luminous Productions works on new projects, I felt that it was time for me to hand over the torch to the next-generation group of talented and trustworthy colleagues and believe that they will create something amazing.”

What is truly odd here is Square Enix used an announcement live stream to reveal DLC cancelation, Tabata’s departure, and touched on a £25 million loss that Luminous Productions had just posted.

If you are confused as to what the heck this all means, you are certainly not alone. Final Fantasy XV originally launched in 2016, along with a season pass and a roadmap for a year or more of additional content. All of this content was then bundled into the Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition, as well as included with this year’s launch of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. Then, back in April of this year, we were told Final Fantasy XV would be getting a second season pass comprised of four new DLC expansions – Ardyn, Aranea, Luna and Noctis. Ardyn is still in development and will launch in March 2019. Aranea, Luna and Noctis have been cancelled.

Square Enix also confirmed a Final Fantasy XIV tie-in event that’s taking place next month, while FFXV’s multiple Comrades mode will be turned into a standalone game on PS4 and Xbox One, due to launch on December 13th. It’ll be free for current owners of the Comrades expansion for Final Fantasy XV. There will be no standalone PC version.

As someone on the outside looking in, I think I’m even more confused than I was before. Final Fantasy XV was, by all accounts, a story that needed fleshing out when it originally launched. The DLC expansions have been doing just that, in conjunction with the Kingsglaive movie. Sadly though, we’ll never learn the full tale due to the cancelation of the three further planned episodes.

For PC players, it basically means Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is as dead as a chocobo. There will no additional development outside of the Ardyn expansion, meaning Nvidia DLSS support, the rumoured ray-tracing support, and the modding tools, are now out of the picture.

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