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UPDATE: Sunset Overdrive is heading to PC this week, a new store listing on Amazon has confirmed. Amazon suggests THQ Nordic is handling publishing duties for physical PC copies of Sunset Overdrive, a move that makes a great deal of sense as THQ Nordic has already published Halo Wars 2, Super Lucky’s Tale and Quantum Break at retail.

The Amazon listing for Sunset Overdrive has revealed a November 16th release date for Insomniac’s third-person-shooter with Tony Hawk aspirations. Having already leaked in the Steam database it appears as if a Steam release is also on the cards.

A physical copy of Sunset Overdrive will set you back just $19.99, so it seems as if we could have a bargain on our hands. This price includes all released DLC for Sunset Overdrive.

UPDATE: 06-Nov-2018 – Sunset Overdrive Appears in Steam Database, Suggests PC Launch is Imminent

Sunset Overdrive has now popped in the Steam database, all but confirming that Insomniac Games’ open-world shooter will be coming to PC shortly. 

The Steam database listing follows in the footsteps of the ESRB classification board rating Sunset Overdrive for PC last week and the Korean Ratings Board doing the same all the way back in May of this year.

What’s particularly interesting here is we certainly didn’t expect Sunset Overdrive to come to Steam. Microsoft has been pushing its Windows Store, as well as announcing Xbox Game Pass will be coming to PC in an official capacity. In these circumstances, launching Sunset Overdrive on Steam seems a little odd.

An official announcement of Sunset Overdrive on PC is now looking nailed-on for this Saturday. Microsoft is hosting its first ‘X0’ event in more than a decade, promising to cram in a whole host of announcements. The event takes place from 3-5pm CT / 9-11pm GMT pm Saturday, November 10th.

UPDATE: 01-Nov-2018 – Sunset Overdrive on PC Rated by the ESRB

Evidence of a PC version of Sunset Overdrive is mounting. Insomniac Games open-world, movement-focused shooter originally launched exclusively on Xbox One, but now a PC version has been rated by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

This news comes on top of the Korean Ratings Board classifying Sunset Overdrive on PC all the way back in May and certainly falls in line with Microsoft’s new plans to bring Xbox Game Pass to PC in an official capacity.

Insomniac Games has earned recent fame thanks to the critically acclaimed Spider-Man game on PS4, so it’s safe to assume they know a thing or two about open-world adventuring. Sunset Overdrive was very well received when it launched back in 2014, but sadly it arrived long before Xbox Play Anywhere was a thing.

In terms of the ESRB, they describe Sunset Overdrive’s content as: 

“This is a third-person shooter in which players assume the role of a young survivor battling through a mutant apocalypse. As players traverse the open-world of Sunset City, they use assault rifles and fantastical weapons (e.g., grenade launchers that shoot teddy-bear bombs, guns that shoot fireworks) to kill mutant creatures, robots, and occasional human enemies. Combat is highlighted by frequent explosions, screams of pain, and gunfire. Some explosives cause enemies to be dismembered, leaving limbs around the environment; one cutscene briefly depicts a character’s head cut off by a mutant. During the course of the game, characters and environmental elements reference sexual behavior or humor (e.g., “Oh, such a bold statement! It says, ‘I am a prostitute!’” and “How hard was it to make a porn flip book?” ); a radio ad contains a running joke about a sex burger (e.g., “It’s so good you won’t be able to contain your urges to rub it all over your Sex…Burger”). The dialogue contains a handful of drug references (e.g., “You guys have been eating weed” and “Oh, when I get back with your drugs, we’ll discuss my offense at your assumption that I would know where to find drugs”). The words “f**k” and “sh*t” also appear in dialogue.”

Original Story: 23-May-2018 – Sunset Overdrive on PC Leaked by Korean Ratings Board

In a bit of surprising news, Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive has been rated for a PC release on South Korea. Insomniac’s open-world third-person shooter arrived to mostly glowing reviews back in 2014, but sadly this was long before Xbox Play Anywhere was announced, making a PC release extremely unlikely.

Four years later though, things are happening, and the Korean Ratings Board has let slip what may have been a major announcement for Microsoft at E3 2018. Two years ago, Insomniac was asked whether Sunset Overdrive was coming to PC and said “We’d love for it to come to PC, though it’s up to Xbox on that one. It could happen but the ball is in Xbox’s court.” Now, Sunset Overdrive PC is a thing, and it looks as if it’s coming soon.

If Sunset Overdrive were to be an E3 announcement, however, a PC release may not be quite enough to excite the crowd. It surely implies that an Xbox One X enhanced patch is also inbound, and even raises the possibility of a sequel. Insomniac currently has its hands full with Spider-Man, but the 275-strong team has a history of juggling multiple projects simultaneously.

Should Sunset Overdrive have passed you by, it’s a kinetic, movement-based, colour blast of a third-person shooter, set in a dystopian city that has been over overrun by mutants. They’ve been drinking Overcharge, an energy drink from FizzCo, and it’s turned them into murderous loons. Insomniac has always been great at movement mechanics, and Sunset Overdrive is no different. It’s a third-person shooter meets Tony Hawk, with players racking up kill combos while they’re off the ground, utilising a network of bounce pads and grind rails to keep tricking.

Hopefully, we’ll hear confirmation on Sunset Overdrive shortly…

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