Battlefield V News – Battlefield V Lightning Strike Trailer Arrives – 3 Months of Free Content Revealed

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DICE has dropped the official trailer for Lightning Strikes, the next season of content coming Battlefield V’s way. Tides of War Chapter 2 – Lightning Strikes is due to kick off on January 17th and includes a trio of modes, map updates, new vehicles, weapons, and company gear.


Things will kick off on the 17th with the arrival of Squad Conquest, a new 8v8 mode set on smaller versions of Rotterdam, Arras, and Hamada. There are only three capture points and players can only spawn at their home base. Once a team runs out of tickets, they lose. It sounds like a bit of a mix of Domination and Conquest, and not being able to spawn on capture points should lend it a more rigid, tactical structure. Squad Conquest is playable January 17- January 30.

Then in February, it’s time for Combined Arms, the four-player co-op PvE mode that was hyped before launch. Varying objectives, locations, challenges, and difficulty levels are dished out, challenging squads of players with besting the AI.

Also coming next month is Battle of Hannut, a new Grand Operation set within December’s Panzerstorm map and Arras. DICE says it’s been tweaking Panzerstorm to better suit Grand Ops, although I’ll admit being a little skeptical just how well suited it is.

Finally, in March there’s the return of Rush. It’s been a heck of a long way for this fan favourite, although in a bitter twist this mode is only back for a limited time. It’s kind of mind-blowing why DICE would do this but Rush will only be playable from March 7 – March 20. Perhaps the smaller player base is taking its toll.

Aside from that, there’ll also be the weekly challenges, new weapons like the  Zk-383 submachine gun, the Modele 1944 semi-automatic rifle, and the M1922 MMG, the Tank Hunter vehicle and two new reinforcements for squad leaders – Sector Artillery and Smoke Barrage.

Right at the end the trailer above there’s also another teaser for Firestorm, Battlefield V’s battle royale mode that’s due in March. This includes the pretty major news that a tractor will be coming as a new driveable vehicle for the mode.

Ahead of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes there’s also a new patch rolling out tomorrow, barring any unforeseen delays. The full patch notes can be seen here. It tackles a few key fixes but also has plenty of glaring omissions, including no confirmed fix for the bugged challenge progression.

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